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Frequently Asked Questions


Child Care / Kindy Photos - FAQs​

​Q: What day will my child's photo be taken?

A: If we are working at your centre over multiple days, we generally aim to photograph each child on the first day they attend. We recommend sending your child dressed for photos on the first photography day they attend, however if you would prefer a particular day for some reason, please just add a note to your online order or on your envelope. We work to a fairly flexible schedule, so can generally accommodate these requests easily.

Q: What times will the photographers be on site for photos?
A: Most of our shoots start at 8:30 or sometimes 8am. Please check the posters at your centre for start times. We do not advertise a finish time for our shoots, as it depends on how many children we have to photograph each day, and then the moods of those children. Some days we are finished within an hour, and some days we may be there until lunch time. We recommend arriving by 10am at the latest on the first day of photos, and 9:30am for any further days. 

If your centre has chosen traditional group photos, then the group photo times will be advertised on the posters. Please arrive on time, as late arrival (even 5min) may mean your child misses out on the group photo. Most centres choose composite style photos and only individual photos need to be taken for these.

Q: I forgot or missed out on placing an order for my child's photos. How can I order them?
A: Great news! You can still order your child's photos using the regular ordering system! Just click on "Order Child Care Photos" from the menu at the top of this page, and you can place an order for your photos. 

​Q: Can I view my child's photo before ordering?
A: Short answer, no. We operate on a pre-paid ordering system where you order the photo sight unseen. This is the same way that the vast majority of School Photographers work, and allows us to offer a faster and more affordable service. We do offer a money back guarantee on our child care and kindy photos, so if your child refuses to have a photo or if you're unhappy with the photo we capture for any reason, you can return it for a full refund.

Alternatively you can wait until initial delivery of photos to the centre, where we usually deliver a large board with all photos on it. You can view your child's photo and then place a late order online, which will be delivered directly to you for a small shipping fee.

​Q: When will the photos be ready?
A: Pre-Ordered packages are generally ready for collection from the centre within 2 weeks of the last day of photography (including unscheduled catch up days). However some factors (such as public holidays, distance or centre staff being on leave) may result in a small delivery delay. If you are concerned about the expected delivery date, please ​contact us.

​Q: Can I bring a sibling who doesn't attend the centre for a photo?
​A: Yes! We recommend arriving as close to the start time as possible to avoid any wait time to get your photo done. Ask our staff about the best packages to suit your needs.

​Q: How should I dress my child for photos?
​A: This is a very personal choice. These are child care or Kindergarten photos, and we generally recommend children wear their normal day care clothes, or any clean clothes that fit well and they're comfortable in. If you would prefer to pack special clothes in their bag, please notify their educator. Our photographers are not responsible for dressing children for photos or styling their hair. We photograph children as they are brought to us. When choosing outfits, please be aware children are photographed from the waist up only, so pants/skirts/dresses are will most likely not be visible. Shoes will not be in the photos either. Some children may not have their photo until late in the morning, and they may have been playing, sweating, wearing a hat etc. We do try to ensure children look neat and tidy where possible, but each person's interpretation of that can differ.

Sports Photos - FAQs​

​Q: My child/ a player will be away for photo day. How can we make sure they're included in the team photo?
A: Please get in touch with us immediately, ideally before photo day, so that we can discuss options for your specific club or team. Options could be:

  • Have a photo taken on another club/team's photo day (if we have one locally within the required time frame)
  • Take a photo yourself and send it to us to include either inserted into the team photo, or in a box to the side
  • The player is listed as absent on the team photo

We're generally unable to offer catch up days for team photos as the costs are quite significant.

Q: When will the photos be ready for me to collect?
A: Most clubs or teams that we work with choose to hand out the photos at the end of season presentation event. Our team do our best to ensure a quick turnaround of photos, however it is the nature of working with community sports clubs which mean that volunteers aren't always able to manage the proofing and approval of photos as quickly as with some other types of photography. Sometimes we might be waiting for a couple of weeks for names and designs to be approved, which will hold up the turnaround for photos. Once we have approval, it's usually 3-5 business days for us to
have the packages ready for delivery.

Family Portraits FAQ

Q: Can we include our dog  or other pet in our photo session?
A: Usually the answer to this question is YES, we are always happy to see pets included, with a few exceptions:

  • For outdoor shoots, we aim to include locations that are dog friendly, such as off leash beaches and parks. Some spaces do require dogs/pets to be on leash. Please be aware that off leash areas will also include members of the general public with their dogs also off leash. If your pet is easily distracted or scared of other dogs, please take this into consideration, as it may take up time from your session to "wrangle" the animal/s.
  • Some studio shoots may not allow dogs or other animals on the premesis. 
  • Generally dogs and pets aren't allowed on Department of Education properties. Some schools will make an exception for the photos, but it's best to check with your school. 
  • For shoots in Child Care centres, please check with your centre manager. 
  • If we know for sure if pets are/aren't welcome, we will make a note in the booking information for that particular shoot. 

​Q: When will my gallery be ready for viewing?
A: We aim to have galleries ready for viewing within 2 business days of your shoot occurring. Eg, if your photos are taken on Saturday, your gallery should be ready by Tuesday night. We will occasionally need longer to prepare the galleries if we're extremely busy (usually June-August and October-November) or if there are other unforseen circumstances. If we know there will be a delay to the galleries, we will contact families via email to let them know.

Q: It doesn't suit me to attend one of the scheduled portrait days. Can I book a private session?
A: We do not offer private sessions through Border Studios, however some of our photographers do offer private sessions on their own time. Please get in touch with us and we can give you their contact information.

Q: Can I order prints? Or only digital files?
A: We only sell digital files for our family portrait sessions. This allows us to keep prices low, and to offer a fast turnaround time for photos and galleries. If you're looking to have professional prints done, we recommend www.PrintProductions.com.au which is the professional lab we use for our printing work, and they're open to the public. They're based at Oxenford on the northern Gold Coast, provide shipping if you're not local, and can assist with all matters of printing, framing and canvases.

​Christmas Photos FAQ

Graduation Photos FAQ


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