How do our fundraisers work?

Step One: Choose a Date

Our experience indicates that weekends are usually the best time as this enables families to all be present, as it is less likely one parent or another is working. Speak to us about making a booking which will suit your school best.

Step Two: Distribute Information

This is the most important step. The most common reason for lower numbers at your portrait fundraiser is that families didn’t know it was on! We can supply a huge range of hard copy and digital marketing materials, including brochures, posters, Facebook posts, emails, newsletter items and pretty much anything else you can think of. We will have it all done for you, and all you need to do is distribute the advertising! We recommend you keep reminding families via Facebook or email, right up to the last day before the fundraiser.

Step Three: Take Bookings

From this point on, we mostly handle everything! We now use a simple online booking system to handle all of the appointments and payments for you. Families simply visit our website, select their school, choose their time and pay. Families will receive email or text message confirmation of their appointment time, as well as information on package prices and some special tips to get the most out of their session. Parents will also receive a text message reminder before their session, to ensure maximum show-up rate on the day.

Step Four: Photography Day

We will arrive about half an hour before the first appointment to set up our studio. We just need an indoor space with access to power and a clear area, around 3mx3m. Suitable spaces are usually Libraries, staff rooms, meeting rooms, school hall, or class rooms (During Term 1 or term 4, we prefer an air-conditioned space, as no one likes sweaty family photos). We will handle reception and photography, arrange any additional orders and manage appointments. We do require a volunteer from your organisation to be present for health and safety reasons, however this could be a rotating role so that no one has to be there for the whole day.

Step Five: Portrait Collection

This final step is usually within 2 weeks of the photography day. We will return all orders ready to be collected. Anyone participating in the fundraiser will be notified by us on the day of photography when their portraits will be available for collection. This is also the time when we will pay any extra bonuses your school has earned. All portrait payments will be required BEFORE the portraits are delivered, so you won’t have to handle any payments.