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How to tell if my order is "Late" or "Pre-Paid"

This can be a confusing part of our process, so we completely understand some customers might have trouble working out which type of order to place.

Basically, we consider your order a "pre-paid" order right up until the photos are edited and approved for printing by the centre. This usually happens 2-3 business days after the last day of photography, but can be longer for some jobs and may be shorter for other jobs. If we're still taking photos at your centre, even after the first day of photography, then you're very safe to place a pre-paid order.

If you KNOW orders for other families have already been delivered to the centre, then your order is definitely a late order. Most centres will send out our notice to families once pre-paid orders have closed, which makes things easier.


If photography has finished and you're not quite sure, we recommend putting your order through as a late order. If it turns out it should have been pre-paid, we will send you a notification and refund the postage fee.

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