Family Portrait Fundraisers

Our family portrait photography fundraisers help schools, kindies, and sporting clubs. It's the easiest fundraiser you'll do all year!

Our family portrait photography fundraisers help schools, child care centres, kindys and sporting clubs. Border Studios delivers the most rewarding professional family portrait fundraiser program in Australia.


Once you have made your booking, we will supply your child care, school or club with everything you will need to promote the photography fundraiser. This includes a selection of online and hard copy marketing materials to advertise your fundraiser. We use an online booking system for families to book their portraits, meaning there is nothing for you to do but let people know the portraits are coming up!


We are one of the only portrait fundraising photographers who do not require a minimum of 2 generations in each portrait. We have only 2 main requirements:

  • Children under 18 MUST be accompanied by a parent of guardian

  • No child of adult may appear in more than one Special Offer portrait. 

Apart from that, you can have whoever you would like in your portraits! There is no need for parents to be in the photos, and you're more than welcome to include grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins or even pets!

We give your families more!

Not only will each family receive a beautiful 10x13 inch print included with their sitting,  if they purchase one of our very reasonably priced packages, we will include the high resolution digital images! You can view all of our packages here.

We pay the highest commissions!

Each family participating in the photography fundraiser pays $15. Your organisation retains 100% of these fees!


As if that wasn’t enough, we also pay bonuses to your organisation, depending on the number of participating families:

  • 25 participating families = $375 + $125 bonus        ($500 fundraising total)

  • 50 participating families = $750 + $250 bonus      ($1,000 fundraising total)

  • 75 participating families =  $1,125 + $375 bonus  ($1,500 fundraising total)

  • 100 participating families = $1,500 + $500 bonus ($2,000 fundraising total)

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