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How to get the most out of YOUR portraits

Your family is one of a kind. Your personalities, interests and style are just part of what makes your family who they are. We want to help you capture part of that personality in your portraits, making them truly your's and one-of-a-kind.

Tip #1: Find out what YOU like

The first thing I always recommend is to jump on Google and do your reseach. A quick image search for "Family Portraits"or "Family Portrait Ideas" will help you to get an idea of the types of portraits you prefer. Pay attention to the the poses (are they traditionally posed with everyone facing straght to the camera? Or is the posing more relaxed and quirky? Maybe people are looking at each other or laughing?) and also pay attention to what people are wearing (Is it formal? Casual? What colors or patterns work well together?). Remember to take into consideration the ages and ability levels of anyone involved. Particuarly young children or babies and older relatives like grandparents.

Another idea is to look at what portraits you may already have in your home. Do you want to keep the poses and clothing styles simillar? Or do you want to go completely different?

Once you have decided which types of portraits you like, print out 2 or 3 examples or save them to your smart phone to show our photographer. While we may not be able to replicate your choices exactly, we will do our best to match the portraits to your taste.

Tip #2: Know what your portraits are for

When it comes to selecting the size and number of portraits to order, it's much easier if you know what you plan to do with them. Take a look around your home and decide where you would like to hang or place your portraits. How big are the spaces? Do you prefer prints or canvas? Do you have frames in mind which you plan to fill? Do you need to coordinate colors in this area? Would black and white, or color portraits work best?

Next have a think about who else you may be buying portraits for. Prints from our photo packages make great gifts and could be an opportunity to get several Christmas, Mother's Day or Birthday gifts out of the way easily and inexpensively. 

Finally, if you regularly share your portraits online through social media or email, or if you enjoy scrapbooking with your portraits, our print packages all include a Photo CD. The high resolution images can be printed, copied and shared in any way you choose.

For a full list of packages and prices, click here. If you do decide to purchase extra prints or packages, you wont need to pay for them until collection, usually about 10-14 days after photography.

Tip #3: Choose what to wear

There are no set rules for what you should wear, it is entirely dependant on personal preference. Some people may choose to dress in all white and denim, which will allow the focus to fall entirely on your faces, however, others may prefer an array of bright colors, which looks like a lively burst accross the canvas. Whatever you decide, the most important thing is that everyone will feel comfortable and confident in clothing that fits well. We always use a white backdrop for our family portrait fundraisers.

Here are a few suggestions for clothing selections you might like to try:

  • All white/black/multi-colored shirts with denim jeans (denim looks great in photos)
  • Different colors for different generations (eg.Blue for Grandparents, Red for Parents/Aunts and Uncles, Purple for children)
  • Everyone dressed within one or two color groups (Eg. Everyone in shades of either pink or blue)
  • Club uniforms or supporters gear for your favorite sports team
  • Anything that reflects a shared interest (sports uniforms, motorcycle jackets, artist smocks, beach attire...)

If you're still not sure, here are a few general tips:

  • Keep busy patterns to a minimum, as they will take the attention away from your faces
  • Make sure your clothes are the right size
  • Stick to bold, rich colors. The ones which show up best are rich blues, turquoise, bright pink's and purples, black or white.
  • Avoid pastel colors. They create a washed out look in portraits and are unflattering for most skin tones.

For babies:

  • Avoid overalls or 'bib-and-brace' style outfits as they tend to 'ride up' around the shoulders
  • While babies shoes are very cute, in most cases where their feet are visible we will only be able to see the soles. Therefore barefeet or cute socks are usually more appealing.  
  • If weather permits, avoid putting a singlet under their clothes. If it is too cold, ensure any undergarments are well hidden.

For Children:

  • Bright colors look best.
  • Avoid short skirts (above the knee) for girls or shorts for boys
  • In most cases feet wont be visible (unless specifically requested)
  • Glitter is not recommended in children's hair or on their face. Under studio lights it will loose it's sparkle and can appear as white flakes

For women:

  • Avoid singlets, sleeveless tops, or anything which shows a lot of cleavage or bra straps.
  • If there is a particular body feature you're especially concerned about, keep that in mind when selecting your clothes. For example, if you don't want to show your upper arms, cover them with sleeves.
  • Avoid short skirts (above the knee)
  • MAKEUP HINTS: Avoid overuse of bronzer or darker foundations. Remember children tend to have fairer skin and once your face is placed next to theirs it's easy to appear too dark or even orange. Also, some mineral powder makeups include reflective particles which, under studio lights can make your face appear very very white. If possible, choose an alternate, light textured foundation.

For Men:

  • Wear something you're comfortabe in. Roll up your sleeves or undo your top shirt button to appear more relaxed
  • Avoid shorts
  • Try not to keep too much in your pockets (phone, wallet, sunglasses etc)
  • Decide if it's best to shave (or trim your beard) on the day, or maybe a few days before. Depending on the look you prefer.