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Family Portrait Fundraisers

  1. Are parents required to be in the family portraits?

    Your family portraits are just that. Yours. You can choose who you would like to have in the portraits...Mum, Dad, kids, grandparents, Auntie May, Uncle Jim, Cousin Sarah, Scooter the budgie...the choice is yours. Remember that we are able to take a range of portraits and combinations of family members to customise a package for you. However, a parent or guardian in required to be present at the photography session to be able to make decisions regarding purchase of packages, as well as for legal reasons relating to photography of minors.

  2. Do we need to be present at the fundraiser all day?

    For health and safety reasons, we require that you supply someone trained in emergency and evacuation procedures to pre present at the fundraiser all day. However, this could be a rotating role between staff or committee members who are planning to have their own portraits taken, meaning no one has to give up their whole day.

  3. Can we only host our fundraiser on a weekend?

    We have found that organisations get the best results if they hold their fundraiser on a Saturday or a Sunday as many more families will be likely to attend. However, if you are unable to hold the event on a weekend for some reason, we are able to schedule the fundraiser for a weekday afternoon or evening.

  4. Will families need to buy a portrait package to get their canvas?

    There is no obligation to purchase a portrait package and parents will receive the 10"x13" canvas or print that they pay for prior to the sitting even if they don't make a purchase.

  5. How much of the money goes to the fundraiser?

    The host organisation retains 100% of the cost of the special offer portrait ($25 or $15). Depending on the number of families participating in the fundraiser you will also get bonus amounts up to $1,500.

  6. Can parents order a canvas of their family AND a canvas of their children?

    There is a strict limit of ONE special offer portrait per family, however parents are able to purchase as many additional canvases as they like from $60 each.

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Class Photography

  1. Can parents view their child's photos before chosing a package?

    We use a pre-paid ordering system which enablles our industry leading fast turnaround (Max 2 weeks) and our low prices. Our skilled staff will make any reasonable effort to ensure the best possible photo is captured of each child. However, if parents are unhappy with the result, we are happy to offer a refund.

  2. Can you photograph siblings together who are attending the same centre?

    Yes. Information regarding sibling packages is available in each order envelope.

  3. Do staff get a discount on their portraits?

    Yes! For class portraits, staff with children attending the centre receive a discount of $10/child. (eg. Package C becomes $25, or sibling package S2C becomes $60...etc)

    We may provide your centre with envelopes especially for staff, but if not, just fill out a regular envelope and make a note that it is for a staff member.

  4. A child will be away for our photos. Can they get their portraits taken another time?

    We are booked in for portraits at a centre somewhere different every week. We can usually arrange for parents to bring their child to another centre to have their portrait taken, however if we are unable to arrange this BEFORE your scheduled photos, this child may not appear on the class portrait for other children or for centre display, as these portraits are returned to the centre as soon as possible, usually within just a few days. For more details, please contact us on 0410101669.

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